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VCCS Copyright Guide: Library Reserves

Thanks to Piedmont Community College for allowing the use of their libguide as the foundation for this libguide.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Faculty members may place books, articles, and videos on reserve in the library. Reserve items are kept at the circulation desk and may be checked out by students for use in the library for two hours at a time. The library does not renew or accept hold requests for reserve items.

Print Reserve Materials

Material Type Can I place it on reserve? How long can it be on reserve?
Complete books Yes, for in-library use. Indefinitely
Book chapters Only one chapter or 10% of the total content One semester, unless permission is granted
Journal articles Only one article from any single journal issue One semester, unless permission is granted
Consumables Workbooks, exercises, standardized test and test booklets, and answer sheets cannot be placed on reserve. N/A,  unless permission is granted.
Government documents Most government publications are in the public domain. They are not copyrighted. Unlimited use and reproduction is allowed. Indefinitely

Library Copyright Guidelines for Reserve Materials

  • The library does not knowingly make available any material which violates copyright.
  • For journal articles or book chapters, please include the full citation. 
  • If placing textbooks on reserve, please only use purchased/owned copies. Promotional copies must have permission from the publisher to be placed on reserve.

Content posted with permission from Western Michigan University Libraries, Jan. 31, 2017.